Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane # 93


Story 2: "The Superman - Wonder Woman Team! Part I]"

Now that Wonder Woman has lost her super-powers Lois thinks that she can no longer be a rival for Superman's affections, but she still dreams of the awful possibility.

Story 3: "Part II: Assignment: Heartbreak!"

Jealous of Wonder Woman's growing closeness to Superman, Lois learns several martial arts techniques so that she can challenge Diana to a fight, but Wonder Woman had seemingly regained her Amazon powers and defeats Lois.

Story 5: "Part III: The Super-Bride's Secret!"

Lois finds the real Diana Prince being held captive and learns that Phantom Zone criminal Ar-Ual has been masquerading as Wonder Woman and hoping to marry Superman, who removes her super-powers with Red Kryptonite and returns her to the Zone.


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