Tales of Asgard # 1 Vol. 2

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Story 2: "The Hordes of Harokin! Warlock's Eye]"

Start of Warlock's Eye series in Tales of Asgard. Thor and companions set out to get the Warlock's eye that Harokin has seized.

Story 3: "The Fateful Change! Warlock's Eye]"

Thor defeats Harokin and discovers they are nearly identical in appearance. The Warriors Three free Asgard's defenders from Harokin's dungeons.

Story 4: "The Warlock's Eye! Warlock's Eye]"

Thor impersonates Harokin in order to get the Warlock's Eye.

Story 5: "The Dark Horse of Death! Warlock's Eye]"

Thor and companions rest after defeating Harokin's Hordes. Harokin, mortally wounded, waits for the Black Stallion of Doom.

Story 6: "Valhalla! Warlock's Eye]"

Harokin rides the Black Stallion of Doom to Valhalla.

Story 7: "When Speaks the Dragon! Fafnir]"

Thor and companions inspect Nastrond for Odin. Volstagg wanders off and finds Fafnir.

Story 8: "The Fiery Breath of Fafnir! Fafnir]"

Thor and companions fight Fafnir to find Volstagg.

Story 9: "There Shall Come a Miracle! Fafnir]"

Thor and companions defeat Fafnir and return life to the land of Nastrond.


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