Tales of Suspense # 3


  • Grade: CGC 0.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 3950242010

Story 1: "The Terrible Time Machine!"

A scientist travels back in time to ancient Egypt and loses his memory after a paradoxical encounter with himself, or at least that's the story an Egyptian man dreamed after hitting his head.

Story 3: "The Thing from Planet X"

Space explorers fall under the mental sway of a sentient plant that they collect. After destroying the ship to save Earth, they say the crash was accidental, since they wouldn’t be believed.

Story 4: "Robot Hater!"

A man who hates robots refuses to have a robot pilot his flight to the moon, and insists on a human pilot. The flight gets in trouble and the pilot, really a humanoid robot, saves his life.

Story 5: "The Haunted House!"

Two fugitives hide in an old house, disguising themselves as ghosts to frighten away children. They themselves flee the house because of ghostly noises made by fifth-dimensional beings.

Story 6: "The Aliens Who Conquered Earth"

Alien invaders panic Earth with powerful distintegrating weapons, but when the president of Earth confronts them he is immune to their rays because of his own faith.


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