Tales of Suspense # 39

1st appearance of Iron Man (Tony Stark)

  • Grade: CGC 6.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 2070455003

Story 1: "Iron Man Is Born!"

Playboy industrialist and weapons designer Tony Stark is injured in Vietnam and captured by communists. While pretending to build a weapon for his captors he builds a suit of battle armor to keep his injured heart beating and uses it to escape and beat the communist commander.

Story 3: "The Last Rocket!"

When the sun starts dieing humanity goes into space, except for two nature lovers. Just as the last rocket leaves a new sun flares to life, and the two remaining humans, Adam and Eve, rename the planet Earth.

Story 4: "Gundar!"

A shipwrecked man finds cursed viking ghosts on an island, and his descent from the captain that cursed them releases them.


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