The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 25


Story 2: "The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 1 of 3: The Spider and the Ghost!"

Roxxon has created a synthetic version of vibranium called Nuform, but the material is highly unstable. The Kingpin hires the Ghost to steal Roxxon's secrets behind Nuform. Spider-Man and Black Panther, both wary of Roxxon's intentions, investigate Roxxon's research lab at Empire State University and battle the Ghost who has infiltrated the lab on the same night. During the battle Arthur Dearborn, Roxxon's man overseeing the experiments, is struck by an energy blast from one of the lab's machines and turned into the Sunturion. Ultron-13 escapes while being transported to the Vault.

Story 3: "The Origin of the Amazing Spider-Man!"

The origin of Spider-Man

Story 4: "Outlaw Justice, Part One"

Silver Sable forms The Outlaws, a new team of on-call operatives for dangerous missions when the need arises. She recruits Rocket Racer, Prowler and Will-O-the-Wisp to save the daughter of a Canadian government official from her kidnappers. Sable tells the team that the Sandman is working on the side of the kidnappers.

Story 5: "The Truckstop of Doom!"

Story 7: "Second Chance!"


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