The Incredible Hulk #182

  • Grade: CGC 6.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White
  • Serial #: 0146901002

Story 2: "Between Hammer and Anvil!"

After a six-hour duel with Wolverine, Hulk is captured by Canadian commandos; however, Hulk escapes and meets Crackajack Jackson. Jackson befriends the Hulk, and Hulk decides to travel with Jackson who is on his way to visit his son in prison. Elsewhere, Hammer and Anvil, having escaped from prison, encounter an alien who turns the chains worn by Hammer and Anvil into a weapon. With their chains altered, Hammer and Anvil return to prison to exact revenge. With the aid of the Hulk, Crackajack finally arrives at the prison to meet his son, Hammer... with dire consequences.


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