The Man of Steel # 1


Story 2: "Prologue: From Out the Green Dawn..."

Lara and Jor-El discuss their unborn son, and how Jor-El intends to protect him. As Krypton begins its final eruptions, Jor-El sends Kal-El to Earth.

Story 3: "Chapter One: The Secret"

Clark Kent is now a star football player, helped by additional strength. But his foster father reveals that he is adopted and is an alien from another planet.

Story 4: "Chapter Two: The Exposure"

After helping out secretly for years, Clark Kent is forced into doing his first public super-deed, saving the space-plane Constitution. In doing so, he has his first meeting with Lois Lane.

Story 5: "Epilogue: The Super-Hero"

The Kents design and make a costume for Clark, and come up with a way for him to look different in both identities as he adopts his Superman identity.

Story 6: "Superman: A Personal View"


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