The New Mutants Annual # 4 Newsstand

  • VF-7.5


Story 1: "Mind Games"

The High Evolutionary captures Magma, in the hope of removing her powers. The New Mutants charge to her rescue, along with Magneto and the other members of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Mirage learns how to make her images become tangible in this story.

Story 2: "If Wishes Were Horses"

Mirage experiments with her new ability to make her images tangible.

Story 3: "Blood Drawn, Blood Spilt"

While Wyndam is at work in Wundagore Mountain, Jessica Drew, the son of Wyndam's associate Jonathan Drew, develops radiation poisoning. Jonathan develops a spider-serum to help her recover, but before he can use it, his wife Merriem is murdered.


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