The New Mutants Annual # 5


Story 2: "Here Be Monsters!"

Ghaur and Llyra steal the Horn of Doom from Namorita. Namorita believes the New Mutants stole it and goes after them. Ghaur blows the horn, which brings a monster that destroys Atlantis. Namorita and the New Mutants recover the horn.

Story 5: "A Case of the Cutes"

Ship asks Boom Boom what she thinks of the men in the New Mutants. Boom Boom falls asleep, and dreams that a comic book artist tries to team her up with various male super heroes, and the best match seems to be Franklin Richards!

Story 8: "Crowned Heads"

Emperor Naga remembers the events which led to his recovery of the Serpent Crown.

Story 9: "Renee Witterstaetter"

Biography profile of Renee Witterstaetter


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