Thor #450

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Story 3: "When Gods Make War"

Thor and Code Blue travel to Asgard to help them fight off their enemies. Code Blue battles Ulik at the Well of Eternal Tears, and rescues Volstagg and Hogun in the process. Thor confronts Heimdall, whom he thinks has betrayed the trust that Odin has placed in him.

Story 4: "The End of Ego!"

Sif and Balder rescue the High Evolutionary and Analyzer from the surface of Ego the Living Planet shortly before it is destroyed.

Story 5: "And They Shall Call Thee... Bloodaxe"

Bloodaxe found a mystical ax and begins to fight crime.

Story 7: "Trapped by Loki, God of Mischief!"

Loki travels to Earth to confront Thor for the first time.


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