Twisted Tales # 1

  • Grade: CGC 9.8
  • Page Quality: White
  • Serial #: 0955440002

Story 2: "Infected"

Oscar is a collections agent who tries to take advantage of Maria.

Story 3: "Out of His Depth"

A woman loses her mind when confronted with the rotting zombie of her husband when he returns for his denied wedding night. Although she thought he had poor hygiene in life, her last thought before he climbs on top of her and she screams is that, "I wish I'd let him have me while he was alive when he didn't smell so bad."

Story 4: "A Walk in the Woods"

On a trip to Germany, John and Alice are trapped in a series of fairy tales.

Story 5: "All Hallows"

Four teenagers get their revenge on the kids who killed their friend Skeeter.


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