Walt Disney's Comics and Stories Vol. 9


Story 1: "Shows Solar System with Pumpkin"

Story 2: "The Crazy Quiz Show"

Donald stuffs his head full of obscure facts so that he can win a barrel of money on a radio quiz show, but he must compete with the nephews for prizes.

Story 3: "Saves Pier from Ben Humbug"

Story 4: "Vs. Zeb Wolf and His Boy"

Story 5: "Keeps Glass Unbroken, at First"

Mickey tries his best to avoid breaking his window glass.

Story 6: "Was Going to a Fire, After All"

Story 7: "Chews Street Tar"

Mickey tries chewing street tar.

Story 8: "Goofy Looks Like Caveman in Museum"

Goofy resembles one of the cavemen statues at the museum.

Story 9: "Cuts Behind Off a Woman's Dress"

Mickey accidentally cuts a piece from a woman's dress, while eating food at a banquet.

Story 10: "Sleeps Through an Opera"

Mickey falls asleep while attending a stage opera with Minnie.

Story 11: "Honey Harvester"

Story 12: "Pluto Dreams of Eskimo Dog"

Story 13: "Champion Knot Tier"

Mickey accidently ties himself up when trying to show Morty how to tie knots.

Story 15: "Candle Burnt at Both Ends"

Huey, Dewey and Louie show Donald that it is possible to burn a candle at both ends.

Story 16: "In Football Outfit"

Story 17: "Rob Bank to Buy Tattoos"

Huey, Dewey and Louie rob their own piggy bank to buy tattoos.

Story 18: "Catches Roses at Wedding"

Donald catches the rose bouquet at a wedding then gives the roses to Daisy.

Story 19: "Cement for Beauty Clay"

Huey, Dewey and Louie give Daisy cement instead of beauty clay.

Story 20: "All Out for Ughamumble"

Story 21: "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Story 22: "Allergic to Feathers"

Donald discovers that he is allergic to feathers.

Story 23: "Sits Inside Huge Fur Hat"

Donald sits inside a large fur hat to keep warm in the snow while waiting for a bus.

Story 24: "Dumps Footballs Over Stadium"

After being refused entrance to the football match in the stadium, Donald dumps footballs into the stadium from a plane.

Story 25: "Takes Goalpost as Firewood"

Donald takes the goalpost from the sporting ground to use as firewood.

Story 26: "Turtle for Helmet"

Huey loses his helmet and after searching in the dark, he comes back wearing a turtle on his head.

Story 27: "Baby Picture Showing an Egg"

Donald enters his baby photo showing an egg into a baby picture contest.

Story 28: "Private Entrance to Coal Bin"

Donald visits an apartment with an unusual private entrance.

Story 29: "Two Black Eyes for Huey"

Louie receives a black eye from the new kid. Huey then attempts to defend Louie and receives two black eyes.

Story 30: "Saves Baby from Fire"

Pluto saves a baby from a burning building.

Story 31: "Caught by Dogcatcher in Ball Game"

Mickey is caught by a dog catcher.

Story 32: "Finds Ring in Rubber Glove"

Donald finds a ring inside a rubber glove.


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