Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge # 8


Story 1: "Cash on the Brain"

Scrooge pleads a lack of cash when a clubwoman asks for a donation.

Story 2: "Message from Mysterious Island"

Scrooge takes a sea voyage so that the wind can clean out the gold dust that's clogging his pores and making him feel tired, and also to answer a plea for help that turns up in a bottle on the beach. When the ducks arrive at the island from which the message was sent, they find the Beagle Boys and a mysterious ray that turns living things into stone.

Story 3: "A Campaign of Note"

Scrooge faces the necessity of spending money in campaign for treasurer of Duckburg.

Story 4: "Classy Taxi!"

Scrooge rents his limousine as a taxi on a rainy day.

Story 5: "Blanket Investment"

Scrooge uses his electric blanket to hatch out chicks.


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