What If? # 25


Story 1: "What If Thor Fought Odin Over Jane Foster?"

Odin forbids Thor to marry the mortal Jane Foster. Thor becomes convinced that Odin is under the influence of an evil power and recruits the Avengers in order to invade Asgard. Odin pardons the evil Loki and asks him to command the armies of Asgard. The battle rages on seemingly without end until first Iron Man and then Loki dies. Jane Foster sues for peace between Thor and Odin, but Thor no longer recognizes Odin as his king and builds a city of the gods for himself. Both Odin and Thor live out their lives miserable and separate.

Story 3: "The First Uni-Mind"

Sometimes, the Watcher tells stories from Earth's past, and not only imaginary stories. This time, he tells the story of the Eternals, a race of humans that were genetically modified by aliens to become almost godlike. When their city Titanos is destroyed, brothers Zuras and Alars learn that their father Chronos' experiments have made all Eternals immortal. The experiment has also granted the Eternals the ability to form a single collective mind, the Uni-Brain. Joined together, the Eternals decide that Zuras should be their new ruler, and Alars departs to seek his own destiny.


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