What If...? # 3 Vol. 2


Story 1: "What If... Steve Rogers Had Refused to Give Up Being-- Captain America"

When the Commission asks Cap to either work for the government or resign, Cap decides to keep his costume and continue the good fight. The government brings in John Walker to replace Cap and bring him to justice. Cap's controversial decision splits the country until President Reagan steps in and declares that Super Patriot will be the official government hero and Cap will continue as a free agent. That is, until the mysterious Mr. Smith has his agent gun down Cap in front of the world. Walker becomes the new Cap until he grows violent and unstable and is asked to resign. Red Skull wins.

Story 2: "What If Ben Parker's Nephew Was Galactus?"

When a burglar guns down Uncle Ben during a robbery, Ben's nephew, Galactus, resurrects him with the power of a cosmic herald.

Story 3: "What If Frankin Richards Had Found the Hammer of Thor?"

Young Franklin discovers that Thor's costume is too big for his small frame.

Story 4: "What If Wolverine Got a Real Job?"

Wolverine slices meat in a deli.


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