What If? # 34


Story 1: "What If the Watcher Was a Stand-Up Comedian?"

Story 2: "What If the Fantastic Four Were Bananas?"

Story 3: "What If Odin Were Peter Parker's Uncle?"

Story 4: "What If Don Blake and Tony Stark Were Brothers?"

Story 5: "What If Aunt May Were Ant-Man?"

Story 6: "What If Spider-Man Married Spider-Woman?"

Story 7: "What If Reed Richards Took Postman Willie Lumpkin up on His Offer to Join the Fantastic Four?"

Story 8: "What If Captain America Chose to Remain Nomad?"

Story 9: "What If, at Some Point, Rick Jones Decided to Leave Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone?"

Story 10: "What If Nick Fury Had to Wear an Eyepatch on His Right Eye Instead of His Left Eye?"

Story 11: "What If...the Ghost Rider Had Possessed Someone Else?!"

Story 12: "What If Everyone Who Ever Had Been an Avenger Had Remained an Avenger?"

Story 13: "What If Him Married Her?"

Story 14: "What If Black Bolt Got the Hiccups?"

Story 15: "What If Galactus Ate the Earth?"

Story 16: "What If...Ka-Zar...Were a Middle-Aged Accountant Instead of a Savage?"

Story 17: "What If the Hulk Were Yellow?"

Story 18: "What If the Invisible Girl Dyed Her Hair?"

Story 19: "What If Power Man Were White?"

Story 20: "What If the Thing Were Blue?"

Story 21: "What If--Captain Marvel Hadn't Died?"

Story 22: "What If Phoenix Still Lived?"

Story 23: "Elektra Had Survived?"

Story 24: "What If Dazzler Had Become a Stand-Up Comedienne Instead of a Singer?"

Story 25: "What If Marvel Comics and the National Endowment for the Arts Presented Spidey Intellectual Stories"

Story 26: "What If Willie Lumpkin Were Herald to Galactus"

Story 27: "What If Ghost Rider Owned a Fast Food Franchise?"

Story 28: "What If All the Super Heroes Who Now Lived in New York City Moved to Toledo, Ohio?"

Story 29: "What If the Watchers in All the Realities Got Together and Watched Watchers Watching Watchers repeat "Watching Watchers" to infinity]"

Story 30: "What If Howard the Duck Formed His Own Super-Team?"

Story 31: "What If Thor Had a Swedish Accent?"

Story 32: "What If Cyclops's Energy Beams Came out of His Ears?"

Story 33: "What If Wonder Man Were a Woman and Power Man Were a Girl?"

Story 34: "What If Black Bolt Were a Rock Star?"

Story 35: "What If Daredevil Were Deaf Instead of Blind?"

Story 36: "What If the Marvel Production Crew Existed in This Reality?"

Story 37: "What If the Marvel Editorial Crew Did, Too?"

Story 38: "What If Tony Stark Had Owned an Auto Plant Instead of a Weapons Factory?"

Story 39: "What If Sue Storm Had Become the Thing?"

Story 40: "What If Moon Knight Got All His Identities Mixed Up?"

Story 41: "What If...the Watcher Grew Hair?"

Story 42: "What If Alpha Flight Talked Like T.V. Canadians?"

Story 43: "What If the Silver Surfer, White Tiger, Night Rider, Iceman, and Moon Knight Fought Wendigo in a Snowstorm?"

Story 44: "What If the Black Panther Fought the Shroud in a Coal Mine?"

Story 45: "What If Moon Knight Had 3 Different Identities?"

Story 48: "What If King Conan Were Bing Conan on the Road to Hyboria"

Story 49: "What If Black Bolt Hosted a Television Talk Show?"

Story 50: "What If Bruce Banner's Pants Didn't Stretch When He Became the Hulk?"

Story 51: "What If You Went to the Movies and Had to Sit Behind the Leader?"

Story 52: "What If Aunt May Became a Super Hero?"

Story 53: "What If Reed Richards Had Not Invented Unstable Molecules?"

Story 54: "What If the Hulk Married the She-Hulk?????"

Story 55: "What If Norrin Radd Had Not Volunteered to Become the Silver Surfer?"

Story 56: "What If Dazzler Had Decided to Become a Lawyer?"

Story 57: "What If Luke Cage Had Found the Hammer of Thor?"

Story 58: "What If...Doctor Strange Were an Ordinary Magician?"

Story 59: "What If: Obnoxio the Clown Fought Crime?"

Story 61: "What If Daredevil Could See?"

Story 62: "What If Thor Got a Haircut?"

Story 63: "What If Spider-Man Had Married the Black Widow?"

Story 64: "What If Iron Man Had an Eating Problem Instead of a Drinking Problem?"

Story 65: "What If Dr. Doom Had a Sense of Humor?"

Story 66: "What If Galactus Needed Quick Cash?"

Story 67: "What Will Happen When Stan Lee Reads This Issue?"


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