What If? # 35

  • FN+6.5


Story 1: "...What if Bullseye Had Not Killed Elektra?"

Bullseye does not kill Elektra and she and Matt go off to find a life for themselves.

Story 3: "And Thus are Born The Cat People!"

In the Middle Ages, the sorcerer Ebrok created a spell to transform cats into humanoids. When his fellow sorcerers saw them, they became envious and Ebrok was obliged to create more Cat People for them. Later, the sorcerers became alarmed at the rapidly-growing race and banished them to another dimension. However, Ebrok's two creations evaded them and learned to pose as humans. When Oran discovered them, he attacked. Blocked by the sorcerers from creating more allies from cats, Flavius modified the spell to create Cat People from humans and used it to create the first Tigra.

Story 4: "What if: Yellowjacket had Died?"

Yellowjacket is killed by Elfqueen and Jan leaves the Avengers as a result.


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