Wonder Woman Annual # 1


Story 1: "Amazons"

Story 2: "Prologue"

Diana takes Julia and Vanessa to Themyscira.

Story 3: "Chapter 1: The Diving Bird"

Euboea tells how a young Diana learned to dive from the cliffs of Themyscira and properly honor the sea.

Story 4: "Chapter 2: Dust"

Seeing Julia and Vanessa riding reminds Hippolyte of a time when she was riding with her sister and they met Queen Hypsipyle of Lemnos. The Amazons helped return Hypsipyle to her city, only to find that in the queen's absence the citizens had let their hatred destroy them.

Story 5: "Chapter 3: The First Statue"

Philippus tells Vanessa how Egeria was the first Amazon to sacrifice her life defending Doom's Doorway.

Story 6: "Chapter Four: Into the World Go Forth"

With the help of Mnemosyne and Pythia, Julia comes to realize that she had an encounter with the Amazons long ago.

Story 7: "Chapter 5: Flight of the Icarus"

Hippolyte asks Diana about Steve Trevor, and the princess tells her mother how she recently helped Steve and Etta expose a saboteur at a military contractor.

Story 8: "Epilogue"

After saying their good-byes, Diana, Julia, and Vanessa head for home.


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