X-Men Classics Starring the X-Men # 3


Story 1: "New Splash Page"

Story 2: "Monsters Also Weep"

Karl drains energy from Lorna and turns into Sauron once again. Once he changes back into Lykos, he confronts Tanya at their old mountain cabin and seemingly falls to his death as he runs away, afraid of trying to drain energy from the woman he loves.

Story 3: "Strangers in a Savage Land"

Angel searches for Sauron and ends up in the Savage Land where he is attacked by flying dinosaurs. He is rescued by Magneto and restored to health. The rest of the X-Men arrive in the Savage Land and hook up with Ka-Zar. Angel does not recognize Magneto who presents himself as a benefactor and protector of the Savage Land mutants.

Story 4: "War in the World Below!"

The X-Men and Ka-Zar battle Magneto and his manufactured mutants in the Savage Land.


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