Young Allies # 3

  • Grade: CGC 4.5
  • Page Quality: Light Tan / Off-White
  • Serial #: 3749262001
  • Restoration: Conserved (C-1)

Story 2: "Attack on Alaska] Chapter 1: The Coming of the Khan!"

Without knowing it, the Young Allies run into and are trapped by the Khan, a man desiring to become master of the western hemisphere, and involved in the planning stages of a Nazi and Japanese take-over of Alaska.

Story 3: "Attack on Alaska] Chapter 2: Trapped in the Swampland!"

Believing the Young Allies destroyed, the Khan and his men move on toward Alaska (via Canada by train).

Story 4: "Attack on Alaska] Chapter 3: Terror Underground!"

Trapped in a swampland area, a plane spots the boys and transports them to the Yukon for medical assistance. The Young Allies, upon their recovery, buy a cheap car and head out to find their adversary, who already knows they are in country. They are captured and taken to the Khan's huge secret Alaskan underground airport.

Story 5: "Attack on Alaska] Chapter 4: The Yellow Invasion Begins!"

The Khan begins his invasion of Alaska, and the Young Allies escape from the secret airport and head for Alaska to alert U.S. defense forces of the impending attack. While there, they confront the Khan inside a U.S. arsenal that is suddenly hit by bombs from an Japanese plane!

Story 6: "Attack on Alaska] Chapter 5: Fight to the Finish!"

Barely surviving the explosion, the Young Allies scramble out of the arsenal and spot a huge opening of a pipe leading underground, and out of the pipe suddenly emerges a huge Japanese invasion force. Toro takes to the air to alert U.S. forces and a battle royal ensues, resulting in the Khan's death and a rout of his forces.

Story 8: "He Solves the Last Murder Mystery"

Casey succeeds in ferreting out the true killer of Baldy Bean.

Story 9: "Don't Cross Your Bridgework Until It Bites You!"

Casey is awarded a medal for solving the murder of Baldy Bean, then spots a suspicious beautiful girl. He follows her and breaks into an apartment she enters and falsely arrests her and some other card players!

Story 10: "Killer Diller Returns to the Pen in the Big House"

Casey is ordered by the commissioner to bring in parolee Killer Diller, not knowing that he was awarded a prize while in prison for a true story he wrote.

Story 12: "The Disappearing Diamonds"

A crooked diamond expert is refused citizenship because of his many convictions for jewel robberies and threatens revenge by stealing vital industrial black diamonds.

The police commissioner is livid with Casey for rounding up a ring of counter fitters, believing them to be counterfeiters!

Story 15: "Square Gang Buster Busts Up Dope Ring!"

When Big Dope is released from prison, Casey tails him, suspicious that he will go back to his previous career in crime...but the joke is on him!


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