D.P. 7 # 24


Story 2: "Enough!"

Weeks later, Dave is headed for the Canadian border, but is caught and returned to Fort Benning. Sgt. Haldeman attempts to discipline Dave with his powers, but the mental block previously placed on Dave knocks Haldeman unconscious. Dave is place in “the black hole”, the base's solitary holding cell while awaiting court martial. The weeks of isolation make Dave go crazy and he hallucinates that the Woodsman has come to rescue him. Nightmask enters Dave's dreams and attempts to show him that he is suffering delusions. In the dreams, Nightmask observes a giant white cube which he assumes is a mental block. Nightmask approaches the cube and is pulled into it. As Remsen's dream-self vanishes, so does his physical form as well. Later, Dave hallucinates a manifestation of his “dark side” who tries to convince him to commit suicide by impaling himself on a sharpened piece of metal. A hallucination of Dave's brother Mark tries to talk him out of it, but fails and Dave impales himself on the piece of metal. Stephanie has joined the C.I.A.'s paranormal force and tries to heal Jenny Swensen's ailment. She fails because Jenny's skin has become completely hardened into metal.


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