Showcase # 73

1st appearance of the Creeper.

  • Grade: CGC 9.4
  • Page Quality: Cream / Off-White
  • Serial #: 0029708018

Story 1: "The Coming of the Creeper!!"

Professor Yatz is kidnapped by "Reds". Jack Ryder, mouthy TV host, is fired, then hired as a security investigator. He buys odds and ends for a bizarre costume for Devlin's society ball. He's stabbed and thrown in Yatz. Yatz hides his inventions: a molecular transmitter goes in the wound, and a healing serum in his veins. But Yatz is shot. The new "Creeper" goes wild on the villains - and accidentally, cops - laughing like a maniac to scare them. He exposes Devlin, then learns the moleculizer has healed inside. The Creeper will be back.

Story 2: "A Strange Tale Told by the Creeper"

In Old England, a man sees his ancestor's portrait sometimes varies from holding a wine glass to a dagger, foretelling death in the household.

Story 5: "Meet the Men Behind the Creeper"

Bios of Steve Ditko and Don Segall, although Ditko refrained from providing personal information, explaining: "I never talk about myself. My work is me. I do my best, and if I like it, I hope somebody else likes it too." The editor also requests letters for future publication.


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