Tales to Astonish # 94


Story 1: "Helpless, at the Hands of Dragorr!"

As Namor plans his assault against the surface world, he is contacted by Dragorr, ruler of a small island, and invited to join him in conquering the world. Namor feels insulted by the surface man's affronity and decides to visit his island to teach him a lesson. Instead, he ends up being captured and forced to do Dragorr's bidding. It is only the timely intervention of the Lady Dorma that frees him and reveals the fact that Dragorr is a robot being run by the diminutive Gnome.

Story 3: "..To the Beckoning Stars!"

The High Evolutionary finds himself besieged on the planet of Wundagore II as his New Men revert to their bestial natures and attack. Thinking the Hulk may be just the help he needs to face his out-of-control creations, the Evolutionary has him captured and transported to his world.


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